Sustainability at Nugget Point

Here at Nugget Point we are committed to reducing the impact to our environment by recycling and increasing the longevity of our resources. We hope that by gradually implementing more necessary initiatives we can continue to be a forward thinking organisation with a vision based on a successful future of not only the environment but also the hotel.

The sustainability initiatives that we are implementing daily include:

  • An option for guests to reuse towels, to save water and reduce chemical detergents
  • Biodegradable bin liners in rooms
  • An ongoing process of replacing regular light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs wherever possible
  • Recycling programs in place at hotels and offices
  • Printer and copier toner recycling
  • Reducing paper by electronic transmission of all documentation where possible
  • Changing over shower gel cartridges in the rooms in order to provide guests with premium quality product at the same time being more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We have also joined Starline Group’s Beyond Skin Deep ZERO waste program that deals with the recycling of plastic tubes and bottle bathroom amenities. The key and unique benefits of this program are:

  • The liquid inside is re-bottled and donated to Open Arms homeless support Centres who are the glad recipients of the liquids Starline drains off the returned toiletries.
  • The plastic is then handed over to Starline's partner Future Post NZ
  • Future Post recycle this plastic into long lasting fence posts for farmers and winery’s such as Villa Maria for their vineyards
  • These posts have a guaranteed life expectancy of 50+ years, at which time they can be recycled again into a new post!
  • Starline Group, through the Beyond Skin Deep Program, have a ZERO Bathroom Amenity Waste Goal. They are proud to say in just 12 months this has been achieved. Not one scrap, not one drop, not one tiny piece of hotels' bathroom amenities needs to go to landfill or into the environment. This is a solution that deals with 100% of this waste, converts it into useful and in the case of the plastic, permanent product, supporting our primary industries and changing lives.